Thank You

I believe that it takes courage to be vulnerable. It’s awkward, it’s difficult, it’s counterintuitive but it is also sometimes necessary. Vulnerability is necessary for growth, for healing, for meaning. Courage isn’t always my strong suit, but I’m glad I had some last week.

I wrote an article that expressed my feelings of utter defeat and exposed my history of depression. I posted it on my facebook page and walked away feeling better for having simply expressed what was in head and heart all week long. A purely cathartic experience. What I received in return has completely blown me away.

Friends, colleagues, family and even some total strangers expressed their support, understanding and love. What a feeling. It seems my vulnerability and the courage that it took to be vulnerable was indeed a good thing. Being authentic, genuine, candid, honest and wholly myself was a good thing.

I’ll try to learn from this experience and remember that I have a network of support and love. Sometimes it takes a brutally honest expression of our feelings to get the help we need. If support is what you’re after, I’d encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, find some courage and be authentic…be vulnerable.

Thank you.

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