A fresh perspective from an experienced professional might be exactly what your summer camp staff need to get ready for a meaningful summer. Below is a list of on-site camp counselor training sessions that we offer. Each session last 90 minutes and contains lecture, group discussion and hands-on engagement. Team Building courses are 3 hours rather than 90 minutes. Mix and max sessions to meet your needs or contact Drew today to create a training specific to your camp. 

The Best Camp Counselors: By focusing on the fundamentals of safety, connection and compassion summer camp counselors will learn how to interact and mentor youth appropriately.

Leadership Training for Advanced Summer Staff: In this session for seasonal leadership team members we’ll go over managerial skills and supervision techniques such as giving feedback to peers, collaborating with others and successful leadership styles.

Live the Mission: Let’s put the mission into motion by examining the statements and values that drive us then find ways to actively live that mission in the cabin, on the playground and all-around camp. Participants will learn useful techniques to engage campers, build progressive skills and find deeper value in programming.

How to be a Creative Counselor: Get crazy with games and exploration. Staff learn simple techniques to keep programs and activities fresh, lively and engaging. This active session will teach us to think outside the traditional camp games box and find fun in the summer routine.

Team Building for Camp Staff: A good team is one that has had time to bond, build trust and find compassion in moments of adversity. Staff will be put through various challenges followed by conversations of reflection and group sharing. In the end they learn to better communicate, trust and support their peers.

Team Building Facilitator: This training session teaches the basics of team building facilitation. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of sequencing events, setting up appropriate team challenges and how to guide a group conversation to get positive team building results.

Drew being “Awful Waffled” at YMCA Camp Wapsie (2018).

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