Hatchet Throwing

Through extensive research, training and development we have created the only camp specific Facilitator Training Course in the world to better ensure program safety and participant success.

This 4 hour on-site course walks staff through the fundamentals of facilitating a hatchet throwing program as well as how to set up a course and maintain it properly. We conclude with a practical exam of facilitation skills as well as a written exam.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will earn a certificate of completion. This certificate documents their experience and knowledge on that day and meets the American Camping Association’s standard for Specialized Activity Instructors.

Private Instruction with Drew Demery

Hatchet Throwing Supplies are now available!

Target Stand: $75. Wooden Target: $75. Hatchet: $35. Sharpening Stone: $15. Complete Package (one of each item listed above): $200.

Delivery Costs: $0.50 per mile round-trip or UPS delivery approximately $200.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up a hatchet throwing program at your site please contact Drew today.

Hatchet Throwing Supplies

Drew Demery is an American Camping Association Member and Standards Visitor, former YMCA Camp Director and current World Axe Throwing League Participant and Certified Coach. He has been throwing axes since the age of 10 and believes in meeting the highest safety standards established in order to produce a top quality program for youth and adults.

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