The Inside Scoop #1

Here’s the first of hopefully many fun blog posts. “The Inside Scoop” series is basically my thoughts on life as a small business owner working out of my guest bedroom. It probably won’t be research based, too scientific or objective….pretty much all personal opinions as a form of brief procrastination.

Which brings me to my first topic of discussion, office chairs. If you’re working from home like me, invest in a good chair (or find a free one…money’s tight after all, you’re a small business owner…) This wonderful chair should have thick, firm padding and back support. I sit at least 4 hours everyday, usually more, staring at my computer screen hunched over reading and typing. While a good chair won’t fix the terrible posture this career path has now given me, it will alleviate some of the pain. Some.

While we’re on the subject of posture, the single most important thing I’ve done for neck and shoulder support so far is to build a laptop stand that has me looking out instead of down at my screen. Ever think about how much you look down these days?! It’s a lot…down at the kids, down at your phone, down at your food, down at that strong whiskey you pour frequently to make your neck feel better from always looking down. So do yourself a favor and look out, not down while you’re working. I think the ideal set up is a desk that can rise to a standing position, has the keyboard at belly level and the screen at eye level if not up slightly higher than that. (But again funds can be tight so you might have to get creative)

Streeeeetch frequently and deliberately.

I could go on for a while about office setup and how I believe biomechanics affects our productivity (after all motivation comes from motion), but I won’t because this blog has done exactly what I wanted it to…serve as a fun, brief break from emails and strategizing. I’ll continue to tell myself that this writing is somewhat worthwhile and not just procrastination of another arduous task on my list for the day.

Thanks for tuning in.— That Summer Camp Guy

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