Welcome to the New Site

Hooray! A brand new website was born today. As business begins to pick up again after a crazy 2020, it was clear that a new website was needed. For this new adventure I’m excited to also announce a new concept, “That Summer Camp Guy”. It comes from a common phrase in my life…”Who’s Drew Demery? …..Oh you mean That Summer Camp Guy! Yeah he’s pretty cool.”

I hope that this new site is helpful for other camping and youth development professionals as they navigate the wide world of training opportunities and program development needs.

My promise to you is that as I continue to go down this professional path I will always be candid with my information, affordable with my prices and never waver with my standards of offering the highest quality training experiences available.

So please explore, inquire and dream BIG!

Thank you—-“That Summer Camp Guy” (Drew)

The Family.

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That Summer Camp Guy!

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